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We have several types of commercial window film so that your Charlotte building can enjoy the specific benefits that mean the most to you.

When you first built your commercial building, you probably made sure the architect included plenty of windows because you anticipated your staff would be bickering over who got the offices with a view. Now, you may be finding out that many of your staff members are trying to avoid them instead of fighting over them. It is wonderful to have a window for the view, but when sunlight pours in and heats things up and creates glare, it becomes a problem. It’s especially problematic when your employees are trying to work on computers and having trouble being productive because it’s hard to see their screens.

Commercial Window Film in Charlotte, North Carolina

Here at Tint Shop NC, we have the solution that will put things right again: commercial window film. What your employees won’t know is that you didn’t just do it for their comfort. The sun control and daylight redirecting of commercial window film helps make your building more comfortable, which reduces the strain on your HVAC equipment, extending the life of the equipment and reducing utility costs. Adding commercial window film can also help you maintain a better indoor temperature, which can be a real challenge in a business setting. With a number of different people with their own preferences for the indoor temperature, you may find that some think it’s too cold while others think it’s hot. With commercial window film, you have better control over the temperature and can take advantage of the heat of the sun to warm it up for free during the winter months. You’ll also enjoy less fading of your upholstered office furniture, equipment, and flooring.

Transform Your Building with Commercial Window Film

Each 3M commercial window film option provides a specific benefit, so we can tailor the results to your needs. The most common commercial window film options that we install include office privacy film and security window film. Office privacy film is designed to prevent prying eyes from peeking into your commercial space. This option is especially important when your employees work with sensitive or confidential information. Even when you have blinds or curtains, standard glass is easy to see through, so if the window coverings are open, you won’t be able to keep much private. Security window film is also useful if your commercial structure houses valuable items. You can keep the contents of your building private to deter thieves from breaking in to steal items they can see through the windows.

Office window tint is a great investment, adding protection against the sun, improving privacy in your business offices, and helping you save money on your energy bills.

You can also choose specialty commercial window film, such as our impact protection system that makes it harder for windows to break and keeps them from shattering if they do. Other options include anti-graffiti films and privacy films. When you schedule your free estimate for commercial window film, we’ll go over the different options and the related costs, so you can choose the right product for your needs. We can also help you determine which type of commercial window film will offer the protection and functionality that you need in your space. Contact us today to learn more about our services for homes and businesses in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

FAQs About Commercial Window Film

Although commercial window film is not exactly a new invention, plenty of people are unfamiliar with what to expect from it. We are here to provide the clarity you are looking for by answering some frequently asked questions on the topic. For other inquiries about commercial window film, feel free to contact our team today.

Is commercial window film really expensive?

Commercial window film isn’t very expensive, but it is an investment. It’s always best to pay for quality film and professional installation upfront, as this ensures your film will perform well for a long time. In addition, some window films can actually save you money, such as window tint that reduces your heating and cooling costs over time. Commercial window film is much cheaper than installing new windows made of tinted glass.

How long does it take to install commercial window film?
It’s difficult to say because the length of time depends on the number of windows and their sizes. But, generally speaking, commercial window film installation should take about a day or less.
Is it difficult to remove?
If, for some reason, you wish to remove your commercial window film in the future, you should be able to do so with ease. Removing the film should not cause any damage to the windows, either.
Can commercial window film be applied to irregularly shaped windows?
Yes, commercial window film is suitable for windows of many shapes. Your installer will merely need to custom-cut your window film to ensure a perfect fit.

At Tint Shop NC, we install commercial window film in Denver, Charlotte, Mooresville, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Statesville, Troutman, Sherrills Ford, Terrell, Catawba, Mount Ulla, Stony Point, Killian Crossroads, West Port, Iron Station, Stanley, Iredell County, Catawba County, and the entire Lake Norman area of North Carolina.


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