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Keep your commercial windows safe and private with commercial window films.

When you have a commercial property, you know there’s so much more to running a business or managing a property than just finding the right employees or occupants. With all the ins and outs of caring for a commercial property, you might overlook an important detail that can make a big difference: the windows! Even if your windows are newer, high-quality, double-pane windows, there are still measures you can take to not only make the space more comfortable, but also keep the occupants of your building safer. At Tint Shop NC, we offer a couple of different commercial window films that can greatly improve the interior of a commercial property.

Commercial Window Film in Cornelius, North Carolina

  • Security Window Film: Most office windows are made to withstand weather conditions, not objects. When a standard office window is impacted or broken, it results in dangerous shards of glass. Security window film, however, laminates the glass between layers of strong, durable commercial window film. Now if the glass is impacted, it breaks but doesn’t shatter, much like a windshield.
  • Office Privacy Film: While large banks of windows help an office space feel open, they can also make your employees feel like they’re working in a fishbowl. With the application of a commercial window film such as office privacy film, you’ll be able to see out the window, but others on the outside will not be able to see in, giving you the best of both worlds.

At Tint Shop NC, we would love to talk to you about commercial window film for your Cornelius, North Carolina property. Contact us today for more information!

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