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You can protect your furnishings and flooring while making your Charlotte home more comfortable with our residential tinting services.

It is normal to want to redecorate your Charlotte, North Carolina home from time to time to keep up with trends or provide a more enjoyable environment for your family. What you don’t want to have to do is redecorate because your furnishings and flooring have become damaged by the sun. This is a common problem that impacts homeowners all over the nation. The harsh rays of the sun can lighten your couches, wood furniture pieces, chairs, rugs, and other pieces that are placed near the windows in your home. If you have carpeting in your home, this can also be lightened by the sunshine streaming through the windows. Other than keep the drapes closed all the time, what else can you do? Here at Tint Shop NC, we don’t think you should have to live in a cave just to keep your home looking nice. That is why we offer residential tinting services.

Residential Tinting Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Before you start thinking that you’ll still be in a cave if you add dark film on your windows, let us put your mind at ease by telling you about some of the amazing window films on the market. You’ll barely know it is there, yet it will cut down on glare and damaging rays. That is not to say we can’t also provide residential tinting services if you do want to add privacy. Having plenty of options is what makes our residential tinting services the ideal choice for you. Add to that our decades of experience, which ensure quality installation, and we are confident you’ll agree that we have the best solution for preserving your belongings and providing plenty of other benefits in the process.

3M Window Film for a Safer, More Comfortable Home

Not only can residential tinting services reduce the risk of damage to your furniture and flooring, but they can also provide a number of other benefits. Tinted windows can improve the comfort of your home by reducing the heat that comes in from outside. As a result, you don’t have to run your air conditioning system as frequently during the summer months. Energy efficiency can be improved with this service, which means you could end up saving money on heating and cooling bills. You also don’t have to deal with unsightly glares on your screens when your windows are covered with a tinted film. It’s easier to curl up on the couch to watch your favorite show on TV without having to close all the blinds or curtains before you sit down.

We are a full-service window tinting company, so while we can do a great job on your residential tinting services, we can also take care of commercial, automotive, and marine tinting. If you have questions about the benefits of tinting your windows or would like more information about the products we offer, don’t hesitate to speak with a member of sales team. Whatever you are interested in preserving and making more comfortable, all you need to do is call us to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

At Tint Shop NC, we offer residential tinting services in Denver, Charlotte, Mooresville, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Statesville, Troutman, Sherrills Ford, Terrell, Catawba, Mount Ulla, Stony Point, Killian Crossroads, West Port, Iron Station, Stanley, Iredell County, Catawba County, and the entire Lake Norman area of North Carolina.


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