Why Your Business Needs Security Window Film -- It’s Not What You Think!

When you have a business or a commercial property, the safety of the occupants within are a top priority. Not only are things like fire extinguishers and smoke detectors an essential component to safety, but something else can be helpful to the safety and security of your occupants or employees as well, such as security window film. If your commercial property is lacking security window film, you are leaving yourself vulnerable, but maybe not in the ways you might realize.

security window film acts as a protectant of the glass itself

First, security window film acts as a protectant of the glass itself, not just the occupants inside. Many people think that security window film is there to protect the business from being on total display to passersby, which is only partially true! Security window film provides a literal other layer of security by ensuring that when glass is broken, the pieces stay within the laminated security window film, leaving a crack rather than deadly shards.

Second, security window film can come in a variety of thicknesses, reducing the need to change out glass to tempered glass. Applying security window film does a great job at keeping your windows protected from things like attempted break-ins through the glass, but also from issues like fires which can cause windows to blow out, potentially showering those outside with shards of glass.

Finally, when you have security window film you are able to protect your office furniture from fading, bleaching and other sun damage.

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