The Many Ways Security Window Film Can Protect Your Business

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Glass fronts and expansive windows advertise your enticing offerings to potential clients but can also leave your business vulnerable. Security threats can shatter your windows, jeopardizing safety and compromising business assets. Fortunately, security window film is here to help.

The Many Ways Security Window Film Can Protect Your Business

Read on to learn how this product offers a discrete yet powerful defense against human and environmental threats.

  1. Frustrate the Enemy. One of the biggest threats U.S. businesses face is smash-and-grab crimes, with over 2 million incidents reported annually. Unprotected windows and glass fronts shatter within seconds, making the criminals’ job much easier. With security window film, however, they become harder to accomplish. The durable film holds shattered glass in place, preventing forced entry and buying your alarm system precious response time.
  2. The Film That Holds Glass Together. Speaking of shattered glass, security window film keeps the glass in place after impact. Flying shards of glass, be it from vandalism or natural events like storms, pose a significant safety risk to building occupants and valuable assets. If the glass shatters, the flexible film remains bonded to the fragments, preventing them from flying haphazardly across your premises.
  3. Criminals Won’t Know What Hit ‘Em. While alarm systems and CCTV cameras are detectable theft deterrents, security window film works discreetly. It does not interfere with the aesthetic of your windows, so it’s pretty hard to notice. Intruders won’t know you have a trick up your sleeve until they attempt to break the glass. They’ll be disappointed to find the glass is stubbornly resistant, thanks to this added secret layer of protection.

Are you looking to take your business’s security to the next level? Consult our experts regarding a state-of-the-art security window film installation today!