Keeping Your Skin Healthy with Car Window Tint

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So many factors contribute to the health of your skin. Things like your diet, exercise, genetics, skin care routine and hydration levels are just a few of the contributing factors! However, what all doctors and dermatologists can agree on is that UV ray exposure is harmful to your skin. With car window tint, as much as 99 percent of UV rays are deflected, giving your skin and your car’s interior protection from damaging sunlight!

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Considering that the average American working a 9-5 job spends just under an hour in their car commuting to and from work every day, that time in the “sun” can really add up over the years if you don’t have car window tint. In fact, over a year, the average commuter will spend nearly 200 hours in their car, which can be quite damaging without the proper UV protection you can get from car window tint. In fact, in 2012 there was a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine that showed just what driving for hours on end can do to a person’s skin! The photo published along with the article was of a man who was a truck driver for nearly three decades and had obvious aging on one side of his face, the side of his face that was closest to the window of the truck he spent so much time in.

While we aren’t saying that car window tint is the clear answer to prevent aging, what we know is that taking care of your skin involves care on your part and that car window tint can assist in that care. To learn more about car window tint for your vehicle, contact us at Tint Shop NC today.