Why You Will Fall in Love with Your Window Tinting

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Most homeowners recognize the advantages of installing blinds and window coverings. Many don’t consider the amazing benefits of window tinting when planning their window coverings. This is a huge mistake. The benefits of window tinting are so dramatic that once you have your windows tinted, you will wonder why you didn’t always have them tinted. Below are some of the reasons we know you will fall in love with your new home window tinting.

Why You Will Fall in Love with Your Window Tinting

  • Consistency in Temperatures – The temperature throughout your home will fluctuate during the day depending on the room and where the sun is located. Rooms that face the sun during the hottest hours of the day will be hotter than other rooms. Rooms with large windows will also heat up with the sun. When you have window tinting in these rooms the temperature will be more consistent throughout your home and will help to reduce the need to run the air conditioning.
  • Safety and Security – Window tinting will help to protect your home from potential burglars and accidental window breakage. Window tinting adds a little extra strength to your windows, making them more difficult to break. This extra time it may take for a burglar to break your window may be the needed time to call 911 or to get out of harm’s way. Window tinting also helps to keep the shards of glass together if the window is broken from a stray baseball or from extreme weather.

Window tinting has many advantages and benefits that we know you will benefit from. If you would like a quote or have further questions, please give us a call at Tint Shop NC.