Is House Window Film an Upgrade on Solar Screens?

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Windows facilitate breathtaking outside views and shower our homes with beautiful natural light. However, they also invite some not-so-friendly elements into indoor spaces, like excessive heat, UV radiation from the sun, and glare. Solar screens have traditionally been used to mitigate these problems, but house window film has made quite the entrance recently.

Is House Window Film an Upgrade on Solar Screens?

Let’s examine whether there’s a case to be made regarding its viability over solar screens.

  • Aesthetics. House window film has a sleeker appearance compared to solar screens. It adheres to the glass panel and, as such, does not impact the look of your windows (besides slightly darkening them). On the other hand, solar screens are more noticeable. They’re mounted over the heads of windows, which gives your property a dated appearance. Their meshed look also hovers over your windows and can be quite distracting when viewing outside.
  • Cost. At first glance, solar screens are more cost-effective to install than house window film. This is because film installation is a detail-oriented procedure requiring precision to eliminate ugly air bubbles from getting trapped between the glass and film. The precision comes at a price but pays off in the long run. When correctly installed, house window film requires no special maintenance beyond your regular window cleaning routine. Plus, it has a longer shelf life, making it the wiser long-term investment.
  • Efficiency. Solar screens work by blocking sunlight – about 80% of it. While this automatically means less UV and glare, it also means less visibility. House window film is specially designed to filter approximately 99% of UV rays while still allowing all visible light through. The tint also has insulation properties that cool your indoors on hot days.
  • Verdict. At Tint Shop NC, we believe house window film is the way to go. If you’d like to learn more about its superior qualities, head over to our website or contact us today.