How Window Film Can Improve Safety and Security

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The most vulnerable part of your home, short of leaving the front door unlocked, is the windows. Even if properly secured, it doesn’t take much of an impact to gain admittance. It isn’t just break-ins that threaten your safety and security either. A stray baseball, natural disaster, storm debris or a rock kicked up during lawn maintenance can also threaten your safety. Regardless of the cause of impact, the resulting shattered glass is a hazard.

Window Film

If putting security hardware on your windows is aesthetically or financially displeasing to you, a better solution is 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film. This product makes it harder for the impact to get through the window and holds the shattered glass in place. When combined with the 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment System, the window film system is strong enough to withstand extreme impacts, even bomb blasts. It can easily thwart all but the most persistent criminal while giving you additional time to react and obtain assistance.

Tint Shop NC is proud to be a 3M authorized window film dealer in the prestige dealer network. We offer this high-quality window film product for our customers looking to improve the safety and security of their home or business. This is one product of a fine line of innovative window film products that can resolve a multitude of issues you might face at your home. You can enjoy an added layer of protection which is virtually invisible, so it won’t affect the aesthetics of your property. Call today to learn more.