How Home Window Tinting Can Reduce Heat

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Window tinting can be a great addition to your home. By choosing the right kind of window tint, you can maximize your privacy, block harmful UV rays, and reduce the amount heat allowed in your home. You might be skeptical about how a thin film placed over your windows can make your home cooler, but it’s more than possible with the right kind of home window tinting.

For starters, some kinds of home window tinting, like ceramic tints, have nonconductive properties. Because of the material, when light passes through, only about 40-50% of the original amount of heat can get through. This is also achieved by other tints, such as metalized ones, which instead block heat by reflecting it away and absorbing some of that energy.

Some other kinds of home window tint simply dissipate the heat as it passes through your window, such as frosted window films. If you really want to make sure no heat gets through, you could opt for blackout film, black-tinted film, or another heat-control tint. However, it’s important to note that tints like blackout films absorb a lot of heat, so they can get pretty hot if you touch them.

It’s amazing how professional home window tinting services can result in a drastically cooler home. You can focus on reducing heat while still choosing how much sunlight you want to pass through your windows. If you’re looking to cool down your home, give us a call at Tint Shop NC today!