Glass Front Door? Why Front Door Privacy Film is a Good Idea

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It seems like everyone is falling in love with decorative glass panel front doors for their homes. Although they certainly are beautiful and add tremendous curb appeal to your home, you might have guessed by now that you completely lack privacy when you answer the door. With the addition of front door privacy film, that problem can be rectified and provide you with a few other benefits in the process.

Glass Front Door? Why Front Door Privacy Film is a Good Idea
As is the case with any window tinting, front door privacy film reduces the impact of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Without this protection in place, your foyer flooring can undergo color changes that may not make it very flattering. It can also damage the flooring over time, as well as any furniture or wall art you have in that immediate area.

You also need to be concerned about the heat involved. A home facing south is favored by many, but that is where the most heat transfer can occur. Offset that with front door privacy film to reduce cooling costs, preserve the life of your HVAC system, and make your home more comfortable.

Although it is rare for something to break the glass in a front door, you’ll have added safety from a shattered glass with front door privacy film in place. It will help to keep the glass intact instead of having it fly throughout your home and potentially injure someone if it were to break.

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