What Defines a Quality Car Window Tinting Installation?

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Achieving a flawless tint application requires skill and precision. When done right, a car window tinting installation becomes an experience to live for. Your windows become subtly transformed – cooler, more private, and utterly professional looking.

What Defines a Quality Car Window Tinting Installation?

That said, what are the hallmarks of an exceptional car window tinting installation? Keep reading to find out!

  • Clean Edges. A quality car window tinting installation seamlessly hugs every curve and angle of your window, leaving no room for overhanging window edges. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be visible gaps between the window film and the tinting film’s cut line, as this is a sign of poor workmanship.
  • Consistent Tint Clarity. Additionally, the tint darkness/clarity must match across the car windows. A homogenous tint is guaranteed to add sleek appeal to your car and suggests you have invested in high-quality car window tinting film. You’ll also get the same crisp visibility from all vantage points.
  • No Bubbling. Trapped bubbles beneath the tint look unappealing and cheap. They are often a consequence of lazy prep work by the installer. To prevent air bubbles from forming, the window surface must be adequately cleaned before applying a high-quality adhesive. This helps create a uniform surface where the tint will be applied.
  • No Purpling. Purpling refers to the purple haze that occurs when the tinting film is exposed to UV light. It signifies that the installer used low-quality film. A trusted car window tinting shop like ours uses top-tier film brands like 3M.
  • No Cutouts. Cutouts are weak points for any car window tinting installation. They leave unsightly gaps that encourage premature tint failure. A pro installer works around this problem by applying clear film in areas where cutouts may be needed, such as clear spaces for government-required stickers.

Are you ready for car window tinting? Talk to us today and enjoy a quality installation from a 3M Authorized Dealer.