Bulletproof Window Film, Denver, NC

Stay safer anywhere with bulletproof window film on your cars, work or home.

Bulletproof Window Film in Denver, NC

The majority of Americans spend over 90% of our time indoors, whether at work, in a car, or at home. Sometimes we hear of a break-in in the neighborhood or a report of a worrisome crime a few towns over that causes us to look into our own security measures. Do we have enough protection? Do we remember to lock our doors? Do we really need an expensive security system? Here in Denver, North Carolina, we want to help you feel comfortable and safe no matter where you are, and one of the ways that we can provide that to our customers is with bulletproof window film.

The term “bulletproof” can sometimes be misleading to clients as they assume that it means bulletproof can actually stop a bullet. True bulletproof products are incredibly thick, expensive and rare. Bulletproof window film is a protective layer that can be applied to nearly any window surface, vehicular, commercial or residential, and will cause the glass to be shatterproof, even when faced with a bullet. Bulletproof window film is a great option for most anyone because it not only provides you with extra safety, it can also be confounding to many criminals who are just looking for an easy smash and grab target. These criminals need to act quickly, and bulletproof window film slows their progress to a screeching halt!

If you would like the added protection and safety features of bulletproof window film, our team here at Tint Shop NC would like to assist you. Give us a call today and let us know where we can increase your security with bulletproof window film.